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Tiger Enrichment (Plain Planet Ball)

Activity: 36" plain planet ball without scents or burlap. The activity provided over 5 hours of tiger enrichment.


Djelita pushed the ball down the hill, then put two front paws on it and walking backwards was quickly able to move it to the top of the hill again. She then let it go and it rolled down to the fence.


Pandji sniffed the ball, put his front paws alternately on it and pushed it forward with his chest.


Djelita rolled the ball into the pool then she went in after it and pushed it around with her body. Later, she left the pool and circle the area and then pounced on the ball in the water. She repeatedly tried to remove the ball from the water.


Djelita eventually managed to get the ball out of the pool and lodged it against the log by the pool. Then she repeatedly licked it, smelled it, circled it and spent time rolling around.