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Serval Enrichment (Fishing)

The first thing every morning, Felix checks his entire exhibit for anything new. It only takes a few minutes before his sees the tilapia fish swimming in his large pool.


He circles the pool several times, tests the water with his paws and finally he eases himself in. He does not put his head under water, so he must be clever, quick and patient, to catch the fish with his paws.


The pool has rather steep sides and an uneven surface. He pins the fish to the bottom and carefully drags it to the side, backing up and out of the pool until the fish is out of the water. He then quickly grabs it in his teeth.


Felix takes the fish into the grass where he will enjoy his well earned snack. In Africa, servals will be found living near water.


A five gallon ice cube with a couple of fish and apple inside, was floated in Felix's pool. (The cube lasted about 1 hour because it was made with ice cubes and water, rather than just water). After circling the pool several times, he entered the water as close to it as he could.


He spent quite a long time trying to grab the cube, which kept rolling. He seemed more interested in the movement than the fish frozen inside. However, when the apple finally melted out of the cube he spent time playing with it.