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Patas Monkey Enrichment

Boomer Ball, Juicicle, Feeder Cube & Paper Tubes

Note: These enrichment activities are used to encourage foraging and increase the curiosity of the animal.

Boomer ball are curious things ... especially when cereal, peanuts, mealworms and raisins are hidden inside. Charlene stuck a couple fingers in a hole and obtained some of the treats. She also tried rolling it and she was very intent on getting them out. Later she put her nose and tongue inside to retrieve the remaining mealworms.


Charlene enjoys looking at her image in a mirror. She even risked getting on the same platform as her exhibit mate T.C. , who postured when he saw his image in the mirror.


A simple cardboard tube is interesting when holding a food treat. First Charlene smelled the cardboard tube then peeled the tube down while biting at with her canines. Once she got to the food she ripped the tube some more and then threw it on the ground, releasing all of its contents. The treat was monkey paste which is made out of peanut butter, oats, honey, pineapple, raisins and powdered milk.


Fruits and vegetables were frozen inside a juicicle. For the first 3 minutes the block was in a sunny area so she didn't approach it. At 4 minutes we moved it to a shady spot. She became active with it, stopping only to remove a bug from her leg. At 20 minutes the llamas from the children's Zoo walked by and distracted her. She came back to it about a half hour later and she found the corn in it and began biting at it with her incisors. After 40 minutes she stopped and sat down on her high perch and groomed herself.


Charlene is picking lettuce and peanuts out of a feeder cube. Initially she foraged quickly for peanuts only. Once the peanuts were no longer visible, she stopped altogether and began foraging on the ground. Her interest heightened when more peanuts feel out of the cube. After 25 minutes she lost interest in the activity. She did not show any aggression or hostile movements with the cube.


Charlene approached the waterhole within 30 seconds after filling. She postured at inflow pipe and then went to the waters edge and began to drink. She did repeated posturing, drinking and also looking at herself in water. For the most part, she was more interested in foraging for sunflower seeds than spending time at the waterhole.