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Francois Monkey Enrichment

Stuffed Banana Stalk, Juicicle, Puzzle Jar & Feeder Tubes


An entire banana tree is used in this enrichment. The tree trunk had holes drilled into it and then was stuffed with food treats. You can see the carrot plugs.


Hark Dow is picking treats out of the banana tree trunk.


The entire group took part in the banana enrichment activity.


Fruits and vegetables were frozen inside a juicicle, that was hung on a bungee cord. By hanging the treat on a bungee cord it made the enrichment more challenging.


Here a Hark Dow is picking lettuce and vegetables out of a feeder cube.


Hark Dow is pulling out a leaf from the feeder cube by it's stem.


When Ikaika (which means strong or powerful in Hawaiian) had her first birthday, there was a party for all the Francois monkeys TyTy is shown here enjoying his treat. Each animal's treat required some kind of manipulation.



One of the popular enrichment tools is a piece of bamboo, closed at both ends, with holes drilled into it. Conkhi and TyTy take their time extricating the various food items from inside the bamboo.


TyTy has a cardboard tube that is stuffed with treats.


Conkhi is getting cereal out through a whole in the lid of a plastic jar.