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Elephant Enrichment (Beer Barrel Treats)


A volunteer prepares treats consisting of apples, bananas, oranges, and carrots dropping them inside a clean metal beer keg. Mari is observing the process. One barrel intended for the older elephant, Mari, had only one hole in the top of it. The other barrel which was to be Vaigai's, had several holes in it.


Their keeper tries to give each of the elephants a barrel, but Mari is too fast and grabs them both for herself. She then proceeded to bang the barrels against the wall until some of the treats fell out, which she quickly ate. The loud banging attracted a large crowd of visitors wondering what was going on.

Vaigai eventually managed to get the barrel intended for her and took it over to the other end of their play area.


She tried to pick it up and crush it in her mouth. When this did not work, she tried shaking it like a salt shaker, until the treats fell out. Her barrel, with several holes in it, allowed the pieces of food to fall out more easily.