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Holiday Enrichment 2001

Twas the morning before Christmas...
and all through the zoo...


Apollo was the first to discover the holiday treats. Then ...


Samantha took her turn at the fire hose cube scented with meat!


Our female tiger, Djelita, was definitely interested in this strange looking "animal" in her exhibit, but it did smell tasty ...


... so she pounced on it and ate the meat chunks that she found stuffed in the woven fire hose.


The gibbons had their stocking stuffed with food. Even little Emma had a stocking of her own.


Everyone enjoyed their own treats and there was no fighting!


The ring-tailed lemurs loved their simple treat of flowers and greens.


Our Siamang, Mahina, seemed a little cautious with her stocking but eventually enjoyed the food goodies inside.


Rusti, the orangutan, found his exhibit filled with a decorated Christmas tree, a giant snowman and a lots of presents filled with his regular treats. After knocking over the tree and pulling the stuffing out of the snowman, his play area was a mess ... which was just to his liking!


Baby Puiwa and mom Tatu have fun with their presents.


Puiwa doesn't want to miss anything inside the box.


With all the presents opened and the excitement over, it's time for a long nap.


In the end, the toys are all broken...and the place is a mess!


Vaigai and Mari found all sorts of elephant treats under their Christmas trees. There were watermelons, pineapples, popcorn and peanuts sprinkled on the tree and stalks of sugar cane everywhere!


It doesn't take elephants very long to consume their presents, including last but not least, their Christmas trees in their frozen fruit stands. Yum, yum, yum!