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Chimp Enrichment
(Frozen Fruit)

Mangoes and juice are frozen into a 5 gallon ice block. Popular flavors of juice are grape, strawberry, Hawaiian punch and orange.


The target behavior is foraging. Sometimes instead of fruit frozen into the block, mixed frozen vegetables are used.


All chimps spent some time with the block, taking turns in social order.


The female Tatu with her infant Puiwa head for the block.


The chimps tried many different ways of getting at the block.


The chimps were interested in the ice block the entire day.


The youngest group of chimps spent the most time at the block.


The youngsters used sticks to get at the mangos frozen inside the juice block..


The block lasted almost 8 hours on an 80 degree day.


The project required a five gallon bucket, rope, juice and fruit


All chimps forage. They will use tools to dig out the food, such as the chimp paste, in the log above.


The chimps will explore the entire exhibit looking for the food treats.


They are very good at it and are able to find all the hidden food in a short time, especially during afternoon treat foraging.

Every morning the chimp keeper hides the chimps complete diet of food stuffs throughout the exhibit. This allows the chimps to forage in a natural way as they would in the wild. It usually takes about two hours for all the food items to be found and consumed.

In the early afternoon, the chimps will once again spend time foraging for food items that are considered treats, such as raisins, popcorn and fruit loops.

Chimp paste can be made with a variety of food items that can be made into a paste consistency. For example, oatmeal, peanut butter, honey and smashed bananas work well.