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HMAA Presents Keiki in the Kitchen: Food, Fitness & Fun is a family outing for everyone, Saturday September 12th fomr 9:00am - 4:30p,. Find out more...
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It continues to pour so they asked for more...

The Zoo staff have been so happy with our all-volunteer-constructed rain shelters that they asked for 10 more units!
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... and get a lemur of your own!
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Thank you for your support of the animals here at the Honolulu Zoo! Your purchase will buy enrichment items that will be used at the zoo to help our animals enjoy their stay! You will receive a customized enrichment certificate to show others how much you care about the health and well-being of your chosen animals!

Honolulu Zoo Society's Electric Bill Relief for a Month!: $300
Yes   No

Marianas Avifauna Conservation Staff Participation: $4,000
Yes   No

Memorial Bench for that Special Someone: $2,500
Yes   No

Commissary Containers for Critter Meals: $70
Yes   No

Color Printer for Meal Charts: $150
Yes   No

Portable Welder for Fixing Exhibits: $1,000
Yes   No

Socket Set: $50
Yes   No