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It continues to pour so they asked for more...

The Zoo staff have been so happy with our all-volunteer-constructed rain shelters that they asked for 10 more units!
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... and get a lemur of your own!
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"Zoo to You"
Outreach Program

The Honolulu Zoo outreach program can be for everyone!


When and how can I book an outreach?
To book an outreach, please call (808)926-3191 ext. 151 or email: Our outreach program is year round. We are available Monday- Friday 9am-7pm (call to request another time). Outreaches are first come, first served. We ask you to limit your request to 3 outreaches per day per visit.

*Each program has been designed to meet State and National Standards. Our programs can be customized to your current lesson plan or topic of interest.

Outreach Price List  
Classroom Style (45 students and under) $125.00/ outreach
Hospitals, Hospice, Care Facilities, Retirement Centers Donation Based
Booth, Table set up, Walk about, Convention $125.00 a visit
Wildlife Koas – Community Service/Class Fundraiser
(Includes resource guide)
Title I is funded by the Honolulu Zoological Society Donations welcome


Where do our donations go?
The Honolulu Zoological Society’s Wildlife Koas Team is currently accepting donations for our local and international conservation projects. Donations can be received on the day of the outreach or mailed any time thereafter. Ideas on how to fundraise can be given after booking the outreach.

Wildlife organizations we support:
1. Hawai’i Wildlife Fund-
2. Hawai’i Wildlife Center-
3. Camp Ohana’s Wildlife Defenders-

Honolulu Zoo Society’s Outreach Topics

We can tailor any outreach for your age group

1. Animals A-Z
Learn animal classification, locomotion and if they are an herbivore, carnivore or omnivore. If there is an area you would like to focus on, please let us know
2. What’s for Lunch?
Students will understand animal diet’s (carnivore, omnivore, herbivore, insectivore, detritivore) to see each animals role within an ecosystem, food web, or food chain, their own role as a Human within a food chain, how food webs work, and the role of predators, prey, producers, consumers, and autotrophs within an ecosystem, and how all the species within an ecosystem are interdependent upon one another.
3. Biomes
All living things (biotic) interact with and depend on their non-living (abiotic) environment. This interactive outreach explains the importance of the individual organism, to the population, to the community, and the entire ecosystem.
4. Survivor - Animal Adaptions
1st - 5th Grade
From zebras to porcupines, discover the interesting ways animals and plants have evolved to adapt to their environment and why this process is ever changing.
5. Fragile Hawaii
3rd- 5th
An in-depth view of the threats to native island species and the unique challenges of an island ecosystem. Various perspectives will be given to help encourage debate and understanding of both human and animal needs. This program is also designed to foster sustainability, conservation, and Malama I Ka Aina in our schools
6. Earth 911
Animals are in danger of becoming extinct all over the world. Find out some of the top reasons why and experience our “suitcase for survival” that contains contraband animal products. Learn what you can do individually, locally, and globally to save our endangered species.
7. Zoo Careers
(For all ages)
Most kids want to be a zookeeper at some point in their lives. But did you know that there are opportunities waiting at the zoo to fill nearly any interest or talent? From educators to horticulturalists, plumbers to office assistants, we cover a wide variety of zoo careers and the foundations needed to fulfill your students' dreams
8. Wildlife Koas Project
(schools, various community groups, businesses)
Your school or class can run a 90 day fundraiser to raise awareness and donations for local and international conservation projects supported by the Honolulu Zoological Society. After the fundraiser, students will receive a certificate as well as other prizes.