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Sumatran Tiger Photo: Bryan Thompson

Significant Breeding at Honolulu Zoo

Angulated tortoises
The Honolulu Zoo was the first American Zoo to breed this species in 1983.

Birds of Paradise
One of a few zoos breeding this family of birds. 1991-present. Three species were bred here to date:
- Superb bird of paradise
- Magnificent bird of paradise
- Raggiana bird of paradise

Galapagos tortoises
The Honolulu Zoo was the first to breed Galapagos tortoises in an American zoo. 1954, 1967-71

We have bred over fifty giraffes in our history, sending them to such places as China, New Zealand, India, and Australia.

Golden lion tamarin
Two zoo-bred animals were re-introduced into the forests of Brazil as part of the captive-breeding program. 1992-94.

First to breed this endemic Hawaiian species in N. America in 1996.

Sumatran Tiger
The Zoo’s first tiger cubs were born the later part of 2008. The three cubs were a very popular addition to our zoo family.

In 2011, 2 cubs went to new homes: Ke‘Ahi to Yagiyama Zoo in Sendai, Japan and Malosi to the National Zoo in Washington, D.C.

On October 17, 2012, Tondi, the last of the Zoo's three Sumatran tiger cubs born in 2008, was transferred to Parn des Felins in France.

Visit the Parc des Felins's facebook site to see Tondi's new home and meet his potential mate, Isha!


Reptile: 44 species - 310 specimens
Amphibian: 10 species - 27 specimens
Bird: 127 species - 465 specimens
Mammal: 39 species - 112 specimens
Arachnida: 1 species - 1 specimens
Total: 221 species - 905 specimens