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It continues to pour so they asked for more...

The Zoo staff have been so happy with our all-volunteer-constructed rain shelters that they asked for 10 more units!
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... and get a lemur of your own!
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2013 Amateur Photography contest Winners


Best in Show - Keith Tsubata



1st Place - Artistic - Evan Wright (child)



1st Place - Artistic -Mia Vallero (teen)



1st Place - Bird - Evan Wright (children)



1st Place - Bird - Kealii Catellano (teen).jpg



1st Place - Bird - Ron Kuba (adult)



1st Place - Mammal - Emily Yoshimurma (children)



1st Place - Mammal - Lauren James (teenager)



1st Place - Mammal - Aiston Afga (adult)



First Place - Reptile - Evan Wright (children)



1st Place - Reptile - Joshua Miller (teen)



1st Place - Reptile - Wayne Mizumoto (adult)



Runner Up - Artistic - Joshua Miller (teen)



Runner Up - Bird -Noah Camacho (children)



Runner Up - Reptile - Janos Baksa (adult)



Runner Up - Bird - Kasey Kerbox (teen)



Runner Up - Bird - Grant China (adult)



Runner Up - Mammal - Jake Yoshimura (children)



Runner Up - Mammal - Kealii Castellano (teen)



Runner Up - Mammal - Charles Lyn (adult)



Runner Up - Artistic - Andrea Theaux (adult)



Runner Up - Reptile - Maya Reid (children)



Honorable Mention - Reptile - Ron Kuba (adult)



Honorable Mention - Artistic - Sara Ashley Tellio (adult)



Honorable Mention - Bird - Jerry Anaya (adult)